Managing Old Republic for the Long Runold-republic-headquarters

Our MISSION is to provide quality insurance security and related services to businesses, individuals and public institutions, and be a dependable long-term steward of the trust that policyholders, shareholders and other important stakeholders place in us.

Success Comes from Focus and Staying Power

Old Republic traces its beginnings to 1923, although several acquired subsidiaries began operations much earlier. We are primarily a commercial lines underwriter serving the insurance needs of a large number of organizations, including many of North America’s leading industrial and financial services institutions.

Our subsidiaries actively market, underwrite, and provide risk management services for a wide variety of coverages, mostly in the general and title insurance fields. The breadth of coverages ensures wide diversification and dispersion of risks. Additionally, Old Republic's companies focus only on carefully selected major sectors of the North American economy that are not uniformly exposed to the same business cycles. Old Republic operates in a decentralized manner that emphasizes specialization by type of insurance coverage, industry, and economic sector. Old Republic's general insurance business ranks among the nation's 50 largest, while our title insurance business is the third largest in its industry.

Old Republic is one of the nation's 50 largest shareholder-owned insurance businesses. We are a member of the Fortune 500 listing of America’s largest companies. ORI’s performance reflects an entrepreneurial spirit, a necessary long-term orientation in the management of our business, and a corporate culture that promotes accountability and encourages the taking of prudent business risks.

A summary below shows our Book Value Annual Compound Total Return and Market Value Annual Compound Total Return alongside two market indices.

  ORI Book Value
Annual Compound
Total Return (1)
ORI Market Value
Annual Compound
Total Return (2)
S&P 500 Index
Annual Compound
Total Return 
S&P P&C Insurance Index
Annual Compound
Total Return
Ten Years 2014 - 2023 12.1% 12.6% 12.0% 13.5%
(1) Calculated as the sum of the annual change in book value per share, plus cash dividends.
(2) Calculated as the sum of the annual change in market value per share, assuming cash dividends are reinvested on a pretax basis in shares when paid.

A table that shows these returns tracked back to 1968 (the year before ORI became an insurance holding company) can be found under Financial History in the Investors section of this website. We evaluate our performance based on 10-year trends as these likely include one or two economic and/or insurance underwriting cycles.

According to the recent edition of Mergent’s Dividend Achievers, Old Republic is 58th among 111 publicly held companies, out of thousands considered, that have posted at least 25 consecutive years of annual dividend growth. Moreover, Old Republic has paid a cash dividend without interruption since 1942 (83 years), and it has raised the annual cash dividend pay-out for each of the past 43 years.


Our Lodestar embodies the Company's Mission by binding organization, purpose, and long-term strategy into a coordinated whole.